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  • Live dashboard

    Display detailed information on Amazon fees (e.g. FBA fee, commissions), PPC spend, return costs, promotion costs, and your fixed costs (e.g. Virtual Assistant, Prep Center). You can also view by time period (today, yesterday, or this month) and by product.

  • Configurable charts

    Our flexible charts enable quick and convenient analysis of your Key Performance Indicators. Everything is customizable: KPI's (e.g., sales, units, profit, return costs, etc.), time frame and granularity of the output (e.g., last year by month, last month by day). The view can be filtered by marketplace or product (with multi-selection). See summary information or drill down into the product list by every period and into product details.

  • Profit and loss table

    It’s a smart, clickable P&L statement, with the ability to focus on every parameter (e.g., amazon fees) of each time period. Customize the time frame and granularity of the data (e.g., last year by month, last month by day), filter by marketplaces or products and view products sold in any selected period. Accurate business intelligence for amazon sellers!

  • Exact display of all Amazon fees

    Amazon has a couple of dozen fees, which is a lot to keep up with. The good news is that we track all expenses and reimbursements precisely; e.g., storage fees, long term storage fees, inbound shipment, remissions, labeling fees, etc.

  • Product breakdown

    Exact details on any product, and for any period or marketplace. See actual sales, profit, fees and expenses related to each product; e.g., COGS, cost of returns, PPC, VAT tax, by any period.

  • Monitoring of your fixed costs and other expenses

    sellerboard retrieves all Amazon related data automatically. sellerboard helps you track other expenses, such as maintaining a warehouse, virtual assistant, sample costs, software tools etc. Expenses can be recurring (e.g. monthly) or one time, either general or expense related to a specific product (e.g. packaging design or photoshoot).

  • LTV dashboard

    The customer lifetime value (LTV) is the revenue that an average customer generates throughout their lifespan as a customer (including their repeat purchases). The LTV dashboard allows you to analyze the lifetime value of your customers. Understanding the LTV helps you put together effective marketing plans, plan your customer acquisition cost (CAC), and evaluate how much you should invest in retaining your current customers versus acquiring new customers.

    With the LTV dashboard in sellerboard, you can track the lifetime value of your customers by different KPIs (accumulated sales/orders per buyer). You can also drill down and analyze these KPIs by product and see how they develop over time.

  • Listing change alerts

    sellerboard monitors your seller feedback and your listings and notifies your per email about important events you should take action on (e.g. hijackers or fee changes). Monitored events include:

    • Listing changes: listing name, description, main image, product category

      Amazon hijackers are one of the most annoying problems that every Private Label seller can face. Hijackers can sometimes change your listings to fit their products. In this case you should take action immediately.

    • New sellers on the listing and loss of the Buy Box.

      It's easy not to notice a new seller on one of your listings, especially if you have many products. This might be a hijacker though. Sellerboard will notify you per email or in the dashboard if the number of sellers on a listing is changed or if you lose the buy box.

    • Changes in FBA fee, product dimensions and/or referral fee

      Sometimes Amazon changes the dimensions of your product and if you're unlucky, the FBA fee. This event is very hard to notice for a seller and might cost you a lot of money. Sellerboard will notify you about such changes, so that you can take action (e.g. by contacting seller support and asking them to re-measure the product). Also, the referral can be increased unexpectedly (e.g. if the product category is changed). If the new category is incorrect, you should try to change it back ASAP.

    • Negative or neutral seller feedback

      If you get a negative or neutral seller feedback, you should respond to it, contact the customer and try to solve the problem or try to delete it.

    • Parent ASIN removed or changed, new child ASIN's added

      You can configure the types of alerts you'd like to receive and the notification type (email and/or message in your sellerboard dashboard) under Settings => Alerts in your sellerboard account.

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  • "Request a review" automation and email follow up campaigns

    Send automated messages to your buyers based on Amazon's standard "Request a review" template or on your custom email templates to collect more feedback, product reviews and provide better customer service. sellerboard can fully automate "Request a review" messages using amazon's Selling Partner API. Create campaigns with flexible targeting settings (e.g. by product, country, marketplace, repeat customers). Define the perfect moment for your message to arrive (e.g. the day your product is delivered).

  • PPC optimization

    The PPC dashboard tracks the profitability of your PPC campaigns, ad groups and keywords and helps you optimize bids to reach your target profitability.

    We developed a unique algorithm, which estimates profit by PPC campaign. Based on this estimated profit, sellerboard calculates the Break-even-ACOS and the Break-even-bid for every keyword and makes recommendations on how to optimize your bids.

  • Inventory management

    Our inventory alerts will help you never run out of stock again! For every product you can configure the manufacturing and shipping time to the FBA warehouse or your prep center. We calculate the adjusted sales speed by product, based on your past sales, configurable seasonality parameters and projected growth. Sellerboard notifies you when it's time to place another order with your supplier and provides a quantity recommendation. You will also get a notification when it's time to send products to the FBA warehouse from your prep center.

  • Refunds for lost inventory

    sellerboard helps you find FBA errors and shows cases, where you can potentially request your money back through the seller support. Sometimes your inventory is lost or damaged by Amazon employees in the FBA warehouse and is not reimbursed by amazon. Another possible FBA error are returns, that were reimbursed to the customer, but were never actually sent back. sellerboard finds these cases automatically and provides a report, which you can use to ask the seller support to research the case and reimburse you the missing items.

  • Cashflow

    The Cashflow tool allows you to manage your cash flow, by clicking the "add" button to fill in the amount of additional investment in the business, the amount paid for the goods, as well as dividends and VAT. Payments and Expenses are filled automatically. The forecast will help you plan the amount of available cash and make the right management decisions.

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  • Export

    Export all sellerboard data as a spreadsheet or text file. Then use Excel or other tools for an in-depth analysis. You can export the sales and profit data by product, and by any period.

  • Users & rights management

    Users and rights management allows you to grant other users access to your sellerboard account. Each user has their own login and password. If necessary, you can configure restricted access rights for every user, by function. For example, you can grant access to your:

    • Employee, who is responsible for inventory management, with a restriction to the "Stock" function. They will be able to work with the stock, but will not see your P&L
    • Marketplace manager, responsible for a specific marketplace
    • Investor, who requires read-only access
    • Partner, who needs to see profits and losses only for specified products (e.g. a brand you are co-operating on).
  • sellerboard for agencies and freelancers

    If you manage multiple clients sellerboard accounts - you will enjoy easy access to all of them at once. Just let your clients invite you to access their sellerboard accounts and use your agency’s credentials to manage them all. Switch between multiple sellerboard accounts anytime with a single click, no re-login required.

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  • Yes. sellerboard uses Amazon's SP API to access your sales data.

    This is Amazon's standard way of exchanging information with third party applications. You can authorize sellerboard to access your amazon account, as well as revoke this authorization at any time.

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  • Absolutely. We are a German company. Our software is hosted on servers in Germany, secured according to industry standards. We store only the information which is needed for the reports, and nothing more. We will never analyze, sell, distribute your data or use it an any way other than operation of our software.
  • You can cancel your subscription any time by writing us a short message through the chat in your account or per email ( All data will be deleted from our servers after the account deactivation.
  • Yes. sellerboard uses the Amazon SP API to access your sales data.

    In your Amazon account, you will need to authorize the sellerboard application to access your data. Should you decide to restrict our access to your account for whatever reason, you can do so in your Amazon MWS settings any time. Of course, you can also close your sellerboard account, and we will delete all your data from our servers.

  • Absolutely! We offer a free 31-day trial period, in which you can try it out and see just why we love it, and why we know you’ll love it too.
  • We accept credit cards. Charges occur monthly.
  • Yes. You will receive a VAT invoice in PDF format by email every month, issued by our Germany based company.
  • Yes. We support US, CA, MX and all EU marketplaces. Every marketplace has its own structure of referral and FBA fees, as well as different currencies. sellerboard incorporates the custom fee calculation of all local marketplaces.
  • We are NOT an active amazon seller. Vladi did start as an FBA seller in Germany in 2015 (this is how the sellerboard idea was born). After sellerboard went live, he decided to sell his FBA business to avoid the conflict of interests with sellerboard customers. We also never hire amazon sellers. The only exception from this rule can be jobs, which do not require access to the sellerboard system, e.g. marketing or copywriting.
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Supported Marketplaces

  • US
  • CA
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  • ES
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  • TR
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