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Know your numbers.

Discover the power of precise profit analytics and tap into the full potential of your Amazon business.

  • Meet the accurate profit dashboard

    View your sales, orders, refunds, advertising costs, estimated payout and net profit at a glance and easily compare performance with the tile view.
    View a complete list of all vital KPIs of your business: sales, units sold, advertising, shipping and refund costs, Amazon fees, Cost of Goods Sold, gross and net profit, etc.
    Get a closer look at how each of your products and orders are performing.
  • Account for every Amazon fee

    Factor in storage fees, inbound shipment, remissions, labeling fees - and more than a total of 100 other Amazon fees.
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    Optimize your listings’ impressions and conversion rates

    More impressions and better conversion rates mean more sales and more profit. Monitor impressions and CR for your product listings and make informed decisions based on numbers. Optimize listings text and images to make sure you achieve best conversion rates. Optimize listing keywords and run PPC ads to generate more impressions.
  • Manage cost of goods by batch, period or marketplace

    Keep your calculations accurate even when your COGS change over time and account for overlapping product batches.
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  • Understand the true cost and reasons of your returns

    See a complete breakdown of all refund costs, including the refunded amount, refundable and non-refundable FBA fees, refund commissions and lost COGS for unsellable returns.
    Whether it's an unexpected product color or a size that doesn't match - sellerboard reveals the reason behind every return and helps you take action.
  • Track your indirect expenses

    Manage recurring and one-time costs like office rent, photo shooting, and virtual assistants. Amortize expenses to accurately calculate your net profit.
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  • Export data into spreadsheets

    Export sellerboard data into spreadsheets for an in-depth analysis. Share it with your team, partners or investors.
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Powerful tools
to increase sales and profit

  • Easily manage inventory and never run out of stock

    Get notified about stock shortage estimates in advance, distribute your Cost of Goods by batch and plan your Purchase Orders in one easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Track PPC profitability. Optimize ads on autopilot.

    Get a closer view of your Pay Per Click KPIs for every campaign, ad group, and keyword.
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    Automate your bid optimization based on target profitability or ACOS. Harvest profitable keywords and exclude poorly-performing ones from your campaigns.
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  • Generate more organic reviews and feedback

    In seconds, set up follow-up email campaigns to collect more feedback and product reviews.
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  • Get reimbursed for lost and damaged inventory

    Find FBA errors and request your money back through seller support, get reimbursed for lost and damaged inventory and check for items that customers failed to return but received reimbursement.
  • Get notified about important events

    Stay informed about listing changes, new sellers and loss of Buy Box, fees modifications, negative feedback, ASIN changes and other vital events.
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Define roles and manage user access

Grant your partners and team members access to your sellerboard account, assign roles, and organize your team. You can configure restricted access rights for every user by function, marketplace, or even by a set of products.

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