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  • Elevate your agency’s brand

    Add your agency’s logo to the sellerboard dashboard to highlight your agency at all times.
  • Effortlessly switch between client accounts

    Use one single agency profile to manage all your client’s accounts and switch between accounts with a single click.
  • Coming

    Include sellerboard in your offering

    Offer sellerboard as an added value to your clients on top of your service. Manage the payment for all client accounts in one place.
  • Receive partner commissions

    Recommend sellerboard to your clients and earn recurring partner commissions.
  • Connect your team and clients seamlessly

    Manage team member access and maintain client confidentiality with customizable account access rights.

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  • Automate PPC tasks to reach your clients’ goals

    Easily monitor, track and report all the ins and outs of your clients’ profits. Automate PPC campaign optimization to reach target profitability.
  • Report performance with confidence

    Export and share predefined reports based on main KPIs or request a custom tailored template to fit your needs.
  • Determine your client’s business valuation

    Analyze revenue, profitability, inventory, cashflow and other KPIs to valuate your client’s business quickly and accurately.
  • Kick-start financial due diligence with sellerboard

    Get valuable insights into your client’s financial performance and assess the viability of a potential investment.

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