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  • PPC profit & loss dashboard

    The PPC dashboard tracks the profitability of your PPC campaigns, ad groups and keywords. We have developed an unique algorithm, which estimates profit by PPC campaign. This tool will help you understand how successful your campaigns are in order to make the right decisions about your advertising strategy.

  • Automated bid optimization

    Based on the estimated profit, sellerboard calculates the Break-even-ACOS and the Break-even-bid for every keyword and makes recommendations on how to optimize your bids. Sellerboard will assist you by reaching the target profitability/ACOS for your PPC campaigns and saving your precious time. Your bids will be automatically adjusted based on your target ACOS and chosen strategy.

    There are 3 standard sellerboard strategies you can choose: Fast, Slow and Moderate, (these strategies differ by the minimum number of clicks within the last 30 days, required to make a decision to change the bid and the bid change rate in terms of the number of steps from the current bid to the target bid). If these pre-set strategies do not suit your needs, there is an option to create a custom strategy.

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  • Keyword harvesting & automation

    You can automatically move keywords to other campaigns in order to create optimal and profitable PPC campaigns.

    This feature includes 2 options:

    • You can move a strong performing search term as a keyword to another campaign/group and add this search term to the original campaign’s negative search terms. This scenario, known as Keyword Harvesting, allows you to run an auto campaign and sellerboard will identify the most profitable keyword on autopilot.
    • You can move a poorly performing search term to negative search terms in order to improve your overall campaign performance. sellerboard can identify these search terms based on the criteria that you provide and add them to the negative search terms.

  • Manual approval & autopilot mode

    Choose from 3 options for automation:

    • On: - sellerboard will lautomatically calculate and apply bid and keywords recommendations for your campaigns.
    • Test: Bid and keyword recommendations are calculated, but not applied automatically . You can apply the recommendations manually from sellerboard through the actions menu (located under "...").
    • Off: Automation disabled. Bid and keyword recommendations are not calculated.

Want to see sellerboard in action? Check out our demo account!
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Mobile version

sellerboard is optimized for usage on a mobile device.

  • Yes. sellerboard uses Amazon's MWS API's to access your sales data.

    This is Amazon's standard way of exchanging information with third party applications. You can authorize sellerboard to access your amazon account, as well as revoke this authorization at any time.

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  • Absolutely. We are a German company. Our software is hosted on servers in Germany, secured according to industry standards. We store only the information which is needed for the reports, and nothing more. We will never analyze, sell, distribute your data or use it an any way other than operation of our software.
  • You can cancel your subscription any time by writing us a short message through the chat in your account or per email (support@sellerboard.com). All data will be deleted from our servers after the account deactivation.
  • Yes. sellerboard uses the Amazon MWS API to access your sales data.

    In your Amazon account, you will need to authorize the sellerboard application to access your data. Should you decide to restrict our access to your account for whatever reason, you can do so in your Amazon MWS settings any time. Of course, you can also close your sellerboard account, and we will delete all your data from our servers.

  • Absolutely! We offer a free 31-day trial period, in which you can try it out and see just why we love it, and why we know you’ll love it too.
  • We accept credit cards. Charges occur monthly.
  • Yes. You will receive a VAT invoice in PDF format by email every month, issued by our Germany based company.
  • Yes. We support US, CA, MX and all EU marketplaces. Every marketplace has its own structure of referral and FBA fees, as well as different currencies. sellerboard incorporates the custom fee calculation of all local marketplaces.
  • We are NOT an active amazon seller. Vladi did start as an FBA seller in Germany in 2015 (this is how the sellerboard idea was born). After sellerboard went live, he decided to sell his FBA business to avoid the conflict of interests with sellerboard customers. We also never hire amazon sellers. The only exception from this rule can be jobs, which do not require access to the sellerboard system, e.g. marketing or copywriting.
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