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Track PPC profitability, reach target ACOS with bid automation and harvest keywords that perform better.
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  • Track PPC performance at all levels

    Get a quick overview of your overall PPC performance or dive into a detailed analysis of any KPI’s dynamics.
    Evaluate all aspects of PPC performance and profitability by campaign, ad group or keyword.
  • Achieve your PPC goals with bid optimization

    sellerboard automates bidding for PPC goals like new product launch, organic sales support, or profit maximization.

    Set target ACOS or profitability and choose bidding strategy: fast, moderate, slow, or custom. sellerboard calculates Break-even-ACOS and bid for each keyword and optimizes bids accordingly.

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  • Manual approval & autopilot mode

    Take full control of the bid and keyword automation process with assistance from sellerboard. Receive calculation-based recommendations on bid changes and apply them manually when you are ready.

    Ready to set PPC on autopilot? sellerboard will automatically calculate and apply bid and keywords recommendations to your campaigns.

  • Harvest top-performing keywords. Filter out the rest.

    Run automated campaigns that harvest the best performing keywords and transfer them to other select campaigns to increase their performance.
    Filter out poorly performing keywords on auto when they reach your threshold criteria of “number of clicks with no sales” within a defined period.
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