Monitor your Amazon listings and get notified if action is needed

New sellers on your listings

Listing text changes

FBA fee changes

Buy box loss

Restock and reorder alerts

Negative seller feedback

How does it work

sellerboard monitors your listings and seller feedback on all marketplaces and notifies you per email or in the sellerboard user interface. You can configure which notifications you’d like to receive and how to receive them (per email, in the user interface or no notification at all)

  • Listing changes: listing title, description, main image, category

    Amazon hijackers might become a serious problem for Private Label sellers. Hijackers can change your listings to fit their products and add their offer to your listing. If a listing changes, you must check the changes as soon as possible and make sure they are legit. Otherwise, take action immediately. sellerboard will notify you if one of your listings is changed.

    Changes in FBA fee, product dimensions and/or referral fee

    Sometimes Amazon might change the dimensions of your product in a listing and even increase the FBA fee. This change is very hard to notice (especially if you have multiple listings). However, this change might cost you a lot since you might overpay for every single item shipped. sellerboard monitors the FBA fee for all your listings and sends an alert if the fee or dimensions are changed. You can take action by contacting seller support and requesting a re-measurement of your product. Also, the referral might be increased unexpectedly if the listing category is changed (by amazon or another seller). If the new category is not correct, you should try to change it back ASAP. sellerboard monitors the referral fees for all your listings and sends you notifications if needed.

  • New sellers on the listing and loss of the Buy Box

    If you have many products, it’s easy to miss a new seller on one of your listings. This might be an event you want to check though: a new seller can be a “piggybacker” or a listing hijacker. sellerboard monitors your listings, detects new sellers and/or buybox loss and notifies you per email so that you can check the listing and take action.

  • Negative or neutral seller feedback

    In case you receive a negative or neutral seller feedback, you should promptly respond to it or contact the customer and try to solve the problem. If the feedback is against the TOS, you can have the seller support remove it. It might be time consuming to monitor your seller feedback, especially if you are selling on multiple marketplaces. sellerboard keeps an eye on the feedback and notifies you if you need to act!

    Parent ASIN changed, removed or new child ASIN created

    An ASIN can be moved to a different parent, removed from its current parent listing or receive a new child listing (variation). Whether you are a private label seller or a wholesaler, this is something you need to know to make sure the change is legit. E.g. sometimes “piggybackers” might add variations to a listing, which do not relate to the actual product. sellerboard will make sure you don’t miss such a change and act in time if needed.

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